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    March 9, 2013
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we have good news on the progress of the bay bridge. plus, the family of a woman killed by a lion speaks out after theyy have reviewed the evidence in th [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
good evening, i'm ama daetz. work is had ahead of schedule on east bay bridge. eastbound drivers will be able to use than originally planned. they poured concrete on the bridge deck. it's the eastern section known as the oakland touchdown covers the equivalent of three football
fields. >> concrete will tell two to four hours to set. people can walk on it but it will seven-day days to properly cure. after cured about a week then they can take down the temporary supports that are around the struck. >> ama: it's scheduled to open for traffic labor day weekend. oakland police want the community to come up with plans to help fight crime of them debated possible solutions. nick smith was there. >> reporter: oakland mayor and police chief howard jordan and 175 oakland residents spent their saturday discussing public safety and ways to help crime throughout oakland. >> the community is first order of safety. >> reporter: unlike forums in the past. today's workshop encouraged people to sound off but offer problem solving solutions. >> if the community is informed
and working together, if the police as part of the community, then we can have a safe community. >> the strategic policy partnership consulting team is working to reduce violent crime in oakland. >> what you find very often.... >> bob stewart is part of the team. he discussed the success of programs like cease-fire and continued community funds to support it. the highlights today are a start but continues to have concerns about the practices. specifically stop and frisk. >> stop and frisk that were implemented in new york it reduced t level of gun violence but it also, it just heightened the tensions. >> the issue of stop and frisk is a community concern but also an issue that the chief has addressed in the past. he has told me directly that he and his officers will not engage
in racial profiling of any kind including not limited to stop and frisk. this is one community meeting this month. there will be another townhall at the end of march. >> ama: authorities took in more than 300 weapons including a rocket launcher. they lined up to turn in their weapons. no questions asked. they turned in 344 guns. there were 113 handguns and 163 rifles. some which were assault rifles and the big one, the rocket launcher. >> an armed man from vallejo accused of stealing from walmart led police on a high-speed chase ended when he rammed a patrol car. man's pickup truck left a trail of debris at a mobile home park early this morning. they chased the suspect after security guards reported he stole a tv from a nearby walmart. he got cornered in the park and
tried to bash his way out. >> police car is trying to block the road. the truck accelerates, hits the police car, goes over to the car onto the lawns. >> ama: the suspect is identified as robert craig. he is charged with armed robbery evading officers and possession of stolen property. police say in hayward are searching for two men accused of crashing a stolen car and then running away with an injured child. witnesses called chp reporting a driver crashed into at least one car. witnesses tell police the driver and male passenger got out of car and ran away in opposite directions, one was carrying an injured child. it's unknown how badly the child was hurt. the family of a woman killed by a lion in fresno county says it was just a tragic accident. 24-year-old diana hanson was inside the cage on wednesday when it attacked her.
she had put the 550 pound lion in a holding cage but it escaped. it broke her neck immediately killing her and then tossed her around. the family says they are thankful she didn't suffer. they believe proper safety protocols were in place. investigators are looking at the holding cage for faults as reviewing safety training. front runners were already emerging ahead of the conclave to select a new pope. here is a report from rome. >> the top of the chimney installed on the roof of the sistine chapel the focal point for millions of catholics around the world starting tuesday will be watching, waiting for white smoke showing that a new pope has been selected.
a finishing touches being put in place including the two casted iron stoves where all the ballots will be burned. the voting taking place in absolute secrecy. >> they are locked in. there is no communication, no internet, no cellphones, no cable tv, nothing. not even mail gets through. the idea is to totally isolated them so they can make their decision on their own without being influenced from the outside. >> reporter: with the started of the conclave now three days away the cardinals are looking over their options figuring out who will get their vote. they pointed to o'malley of boston and two others as possible candidates. now after six days of general congregation meetings they have 133 speeches focusing on everything from expectations for the new pope to the holy inner workings.
today we learned that pope benedict xvi fisherman's ring as the cardinals prepare to elect his successor. >> tomorrow the cardinals will not meet but instead will celebrate mass at their honorary parishes here in rome. >> ama: stay with "abc 7 news" for continuing coverage on the papal conclave to select a successor to pope benedict xvi. find more information at the fight against fossil fuels is taking scientists into new areas of exploration. that includes a new technology that allows cars to run on air. we'll look at how it works. also, we'll look at battered east coast where a winter storm is looming tonight. rolling stones could be hitting the road this summer. what we know about the possible tour ahead. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser, we had 70s in some locations and warmer locations and warmer te [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf
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>> ama: people in new england are reeling from a winter storm that dumped two feet of snow in some areas. most of snow is gone and high tides and wind have replaced it. two homes in o plummet island were washed out to sea and more threatened by the weather. >> we got into the pattern where we get a two to three-day northeast storms and right now we don't have the volume of sand to protect the homes. >> ama: another storm has hit colorado. six to eight inches is expected on the eastern side of the rockies. it led to 500 flight cancellations. and one renewable resource that is limitless, the air.
now scientists have figured out a way to use air to power cars. how it works coming up. plus, we are looking at clear skies above the bay area tonight. leigh glaser is is up next to tell us if they will stay clear. >> and as we look forward to march madness. a bit of an upset atñáçwçñ
here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
♪ the one and only, cheerios >> ama: there is a lot of focus on so-called green cars. they run on electricity and natural gas and even vegetable oil. however, one car may be the greenest of all, it running on nothing but air.
nick took it for a ride. >> reporter: it may seem hard to believe but this could be the car of the future. >> when i look in here i see garbage can and i see a piece of wood and see some string. this homemade? >> it is, yes. >> meet inventor peter dearman. >> have you ever seen back to the future? >> oh, yes. >> i need fuel. >> it's really air. >> what emission would this car produce? >> you it doesn't produce any emissions. we're not burning anything. >> here is how it works, when you cool air to minus 300 degrees, if you run the liquid with the help of antifreeze and expands to gas powering the
car's motor. so, for a spin and top speed is almost 30. it's an early prototype but soon a more polished package designed by a company that zweins begins. in 40 years of invention in this garage peter says this one is most important. he make old gas guzzlers disappear in this thin air. >> ama: hybrids you can hear that one coming. how is the weather coming. >> the weather looks terrific and overnight is when you need to set the clock forward one hour as we return to day lights saving time and it is going to be delightful tomorrow. live doppler 7 hd, no returns out there so clear sky right now. in fact, here is a look from high definition vollmer peak kam
looking out over the bay and you can see clear skies. highs today, imagined 72 and 67 in oakland, concord, 67. santa cruz today, 70 degrees and right now, it was clear sky overhead 55 in san carlos. santa cruz, 52 degrees. from high definition rooftop cam looking at transamerica pyramid, san francisco 49. 46 in fairfield and union city looking at 56 degrees. >> still cool overnight and cool inland but as we said, spring forward, 2:00 a.m. you wanted to move your clock ahead one hour and get ready for warm days as we settle in the first and middle part of next week. high pressure continues to build in. this is definitely going to park itself to the coast. a fair weathermaker and bring
temperatures especially on the inland locations into the mid-70s. so enjoy it. it will be gradual warmup from then until now. here is a look at animation overnight. you can see clear sky, a little bit of light clouds right near the coast. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, looks pretty good and we're looking at sunshine throughout the course of your afternoon, 2:00, 3-, 4:00. high clouds near the coast overnight tonight and then start to push off by early tomorrow morning. here is a look at lows tonight. it's going to be chilly in the north and east bay locations. we are not going to have as much wind tonight so temperatures will start to drop. isn't santd rose, expected low 36. 45 for san francisco. half moon bay, 42 and 37 for livermore. sunday highs and warm folks up a few more degrees. look at 72 for gilroy. 68 for san jose, 66 for
milpitas. at the coast still keep temperatures in the upper 50s to right near 60 degrees. 70 for los altos and palo alto, 68 degrees. san francisco in the mid-60s. sunset district near 60 degrees north bay, some of those downsloping winds, temperatures will start to warm in the 70s. 70 for sonoma. on the east bay, hayward, 65. 68 for oakland and check out further inland you go from concord to 70. pittsburg 70. seven-day forecast, wonderful conditions sunday and monday and would you look at that warm forecast for tuesday and wednesday. the warmest days of next week in the mid-70s and we'll start to trend downwards friday and saturday. and great weather resource, follow live doppler 7-hd rain or shine and get power outage information and what a treat from your favorite weather team.
>> ama: shu is here with sports. >> a little basketball. warriors hosting milwaukee at oracle. mike dunlevy is back in the house and monta would love to be with his team. he had 14 in the first half. warriors gave up 15 three's and from the corner, curry not letting him out do him. he hits a deep jumper. dave lee with bruised knee. right now, after three-quarters, warriors are down 7 and complete highlights tonight at 11:00. college hoops, women's tournament in seattle, lindsay got lieb were knocked on 0 by the third seat l.a.
bears trailed by 21 at the half. walker led the way for the bruins. puts back the rebound and they move on finals tomorrow with a 70-58 victory. fifth ranked bears will still get a ncaa invited. >> sharks finally scored three goals. st. louis handed them as they scored one more time in overtime. patric marleau set the tone tonight. big hit against captain david bacus. from the point and second goal of the year for the rookie defense man, 3-1 sharks. blues come fighting back, his second goal of the game. few minutes later, again, a hat trick. ties the game at 3 and we head to overtime where st. louis
completes the comeback. blue00 three unanswered goals. they come away with a victory 4-3 your final. >> a 3-1 lead at home playing a solid game and then to tough break to swallow. >> it's disappointing, we played well to win but it was disappointing. >> world baseball classic continues and we are most interested in group "d" with team u.s.a. facing italians in phoenix. they needed a win after losing their first game to mexico. vogelsong getting the started. he got into trouble early. he throws it in the dirt and one run scores, italy would go up 1-0 and strikes him out. top of the five, u.s.a. david wright with the bases loaded, see ya!
puts them on top 6-2 and if they hang on, it's in the ninth and winner advances to the quarter finals. >> ninth inning, mexico's drills canada's player and both sections clear and push and shoving match. not your typical baseball fight, pure chaos on the field and water bottles were thrown at the players and coaches. canada goes on to win, 10-3. >> let's tee it up in south florida, tiger woods has led the challenge and been a birdie machine. phil mickelson is in the hunted. started with a birdie from the fringe and 13 under with a 69 today. tiger same hole, his approach, gets the bounce, puts it to about a foot. cup. i could tap that in.
graham mcdowell dropped off but battles back. on 16 for the eagle, he is four back with a 69. tiger 24 birdies in this tournament. shot a five under 67. big birdie gives him moey momentum heading into sunday's final round. coming up at 11:00, stanford women along with st. mary's men and completed warriors highlights. >> ama: this summer, looks like the rolling stones could return to the road. to the road. what we know about the rumored [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning,
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